Laser Treatments

Our lasers, including IPL, Quanta Evo Light and Tetra CO2, offer various approaches to address multiple skin concerns such as age spots, spider veins, rosacea, uneven skin tones, skin dullness, enlarged pores, rough skin texture, stretch marks, wrinkles and scars on the face and body. With the exceptional precision our platforms offer, we are able to customize the treatments’ intensity and therefor control the downtime to accommodate your lifestyle.

Laser Facials

This pleasant, relaxing laser procedure stimulates the skin to regenerate itself without the use of medicine or surgery. By boosting collagen in the deeper layers of the dermis, the face, neck and chest become firmer and smoother days after one session. The treatment is non-invasive without any downtime.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is beneficial for everyone with pigmented hair. After a series of sessions, you never have to shave again and unlike shaving, with laser hair removal, the root of the hair is eliminated, so the skin is bright, smooth and appealing. Our laser device is suitable for all skin types and skin tones. The most common areas to treat are underarms, legs, bikini or Brazilian and facial hair; other areas have been successfully treated such as the back, chest, areola, neck, buttocks, arms and hairline.

Tetra Decka CO2

Tetra DEKA CO2 laser is a customizable ablative skin resurfacing treatment that eliminates signs of aging and sun damage by removing the top layers of damaged skin tissue and stimulating the formation of new collagen, tightened elastin and regeneration of healthy skin underneath without damaging the top skin layer. The treatment is tailored to work with your lifestyle to achieve a dramatic improvement of your skin tone, texture and firmness without the downtime of surgical procedures.


Why is Tetra Co2 coolpeel better than other CO2 lasers in our area?

While traditional CO2 laser works by traumatizing the skin by removing its outer layer and stimulating the underlying skin with heat, Tetra CO2 coolpeel is a revolutionary next-generation laser that uses a very short pulse of light to deliver high energy to the epidermis with less heat buildup in the surrounding tissue and less lingering heat in the skin.

The coolpeel treatment is customizable with controlled intensity to deliver more dramatic results for patients who are willing to experience a longer downtime from aggressive treatment. The intensity can also be lowered to accommodate patients who want little to no downtime. The treatment results in collagen stimulation and the formation of new, healthier, brighter, smoother and firmer skin with less discomfort and downtime than a traditional CO2 laser. The treated skin continues to improve progressively for weeks post the procedure. What to expect with your coolpeel treatment?

The skin is topically numbed and the treatment lasts 15 to 30 minutes. coolpeel is suitable for the face, neck, chest and various areas of the body. The downtime consists of sunburn-like redness and roughness of the skin. As the skin heals, you are advised to stay well hydrated and to avoid sun exposure as much as possible.

Photofacial IPL

Photofacial treatment is an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) system that targets the epidermis (upper layer of the skin) to stimulate collagen and connective tissue production. IPL treats sun-damaged skin, large pores, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, scars, fine lines, active acne, melasma and vascular lesions. Depending on the condition, area size and patient’s goals, the treatment may require several sessions scheduled 3 weeks apart.

Spider Vein Removal

Veins appear due to many factors and can be hereditary or lifestyle related. One session of veins removal can eliminate most veins, however, sometimes additional touch-ups are required.

Our laser’s built-in cooling helps lessen the discomfort of the treatment.

Spot Removal

With sun exposure, dark spots appear on the face, chest and hands. These spots can be addressed with different treatments offered at Fountain of Youth. When treated with our laser, one session followed by a touch-up can completely eliminate dark spots as well as brighten others.

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Dale Huddleston
Dale Huddleston
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"I went through multiple diet and exercise programs, but ultimately the results were not as advertised and not sustainable. With Fountain of Youth, I found the right team and the right plan. Now, I have a sustainable plan I trust, with monitoring for a real lifestyle change. Lost it forever in Mobile, Alabama 😊."
Ellie Gibson
Ellie Gibson
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"When I ran out of patience and tolerance for my weight management struggle, I found the Fountain of Youth in Spanish Fort, Alabama. With medical supervision and progress monitoring, I have experienced the most effective weight loss program offered anywhere. It worked exactly as forecasted, and now with their scheduled follow on monitoring, I have confidence...."
Pamela Brunson
Pamela Brunson
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"Right after receiving the BMI Index, I was determined to change my lifestyle! After some serious research, I literally found the ‘Fountain of youth’. A month later, following their rapid Weight Loss plan, I am convinced I made the right choice."

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